Mary K. Fortune, Business Manager

m_fortune_220Mary is Acta Materialia’s Business Manager and started 50 years ago while working for GE. She was hired by Dr J. Herbert Hollomon, the founder of Acta Materialia and Manager of the Metallurgy and Ceramics Department, General Electric Research Center. At the time, she worked full time for GE and part-time for Acta, both under the leadership of Dr. Hollomon.Mary was present at the beginnings of Acta when famous scientists were co-founders and Board Members of Acta Metallurgica, Inc., as it was known at the time. She was present with the first Editor, Prof. Bruce Chalmers, and the first Chairman of the Board, Prof. Cyril Stanley Smith. Both were co-founders of Acta.

Besides her dedicated and invaluable work as Business Manager, Acta Materialia, Inc., Mary’s previous positions include: General Electric Research Center, Schenectady, NY, Manager, Human Resources; National Institute of Science and Technology, Rockville, MD, Special Assistant to the Administrator; and NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC, Director of Management Development. Mary has a BS in Psychology From Union College.